I. Client part (Win-Form)

Main funtions including:

All products of the company state barcodes.

- Sales functions in store:

- Print receipts for customers.

- Discount policy for VIP customers.

- Discount policy (discount code) in accordance with the promotion policy of the company to customers.

Management part:

- Manage bills at store.

- Managing cancelled bills at store.

- Manage products at store.

- Manage inventory at store.

- Manage staff at store.

- Manage decentralized staff at store.

II. Sever part (Web-App)

Main funtions including:

1. Manage centralized bills at store.

2. Manage centralized products of company.

3. Manage customers of company.

4. Managing VIP cards or voucher ( discount code) of company has released.

5. Managing staff are granted access account at store.

6. Decentralized system for the username to access GO-RMS system

Management part:

- View the turnover at stores or entire company from day…to day.

- View the turnover follow customers.

- View reports on the VIP card and use the voucher (discount code)

III. Integrated part (Service-App)

- System will have a service setting up to run automatically on a regular basis at the store have the following main functions:

+ At Service stores will automatically send sales data to the center

+ At the same time, the Service stores will receive data from the center such as new product updates, new customer updates, and update discount policies.


Remote access without installing any software, just on the Internet, all of these requirements, the table reports given to the user quickly because all the process has been handled on the server WEB.

- Reporting and data security through SSL system functions, users use the web browser to connect using the https security protocol.

- Full report corresponding business management system.

- All reports have instantaneous data.

- Can be exported to file Excel, HTML, PDF or easy printing directly.

- Access business information in real time: the exact information without human intervention (no need to call the office, ask for information from other people, there is no error when communicating with people,...)

- Managing business comfortably from home: not require the presence in the store for business analysis, review and report online using the appropriate time to analyze the business in everywhere.

- Saving travel and printing costs, telephone,....

- Report each entry of each store.

- Devices integrated with fingerprint identification (to shift), customer card (to be charged at preferential prices defined in the database).