Construction - M & E


ERP Construction is an integrated system include all modules : Construction management, Materials & Equipments ,warehouse management , Financing & accounting.
- Planning based on accurate data.
- Follow the plan.
- Inspect, control and prevent mistakes.
- Make accurate & timely decisions.

The benefits of using ERP - Worldsoft system.

- Save up to 30% in costs and labor in the operations.
- Reduce the number of office staff cost savings in the future, especially when rising wages and lack of high quality human resources.
- Directors and Board of Directors have access to the data on which the system can manage the company's activities anytime, anywhere, can make all indicators for all staff in the office as well as the and decisions issued through network deployment environment system.
- Avoid the cluster of information.
- Ensure the consistency and security; document of all department in the company. Connect all departments in the company and financial accouting deparment together, avoid the mistakes due the to subjective factor of employees.
- The system creates favorable conditions for the transfer case position working in the company among employees due to the legacy database is stored in the system.
- The system integrates with email and SMS, users can easily send email and text messages directly from the phone system.