Technical Aspects of Security in Online Banking & Ecommerce

Prof.Hoa Tran – New York University & Worldsoft.

Online banking had been very popular globally, there are currently more than forty millions users doing online banking around the world, and the numbers are increasing significantly everyday. Building an online banking system is a must but making sure that the system is safe and highly secured.
The numbers of Cyber Crimes are also growing dramatically due to the larger community of Internet users and systems, therefore, the war battles with hackers need to be more sophisticated and systematic.

What are the current issues in online banking security?

How can the hackers tap in the banking systems?

What are the available up-to-date solutions to protect and prevent disasters for online banking and ecommerce systems?

He talk will address the major up-to-date (2009) issues in ecommerce and online banking security such as Identity Theft, Denial-Of-Service, Buffer Overflow, Vulnerabilities, ATM Security, System Intrusion and Trojan Horse.
It will follow with the suggested solutions and techniques as User Authentication, Digital Signatures, TSL/SSL, Intrusion Detection, SNORT, Infrastructure Security, etc. The up-to-date products and services (2009) such as 2FA, Vasco, RSA and Entrust will also be brought to audience for practical implementations.

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