The workshop used software at Saigon Machine

On Saturday, 9/12/2017, Saigon Mechanical Company Limited (Saigon Machine) cooperated with Worldsoft Company to organize the training on manufacturing management software for the board of director, manager and staff of this company.
Participating in the training sessions, trainees were instructed to use interlinking document management software, practicing the functions of the software system, equipping them with knowledge and skills in processing electronic documents. This allows them to receive and process documents quickly and reduce the use of paper documents.
The using of information technology in management activities, directing the management of the company leaders, enhancing the role and responsibility of the management team and staff in the processing of documents to go on the system. It will saves time, costs, minimizes the use of paper documents, reduces processing time, and it is a tool to quickly and efficiently monitor the workflow. Accurately, contributing to the promotion of business reform, improve the efficiency of departments in the company.