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Established in December of 2002, Worldsoft is a joint stock company that began its operations as one of Vietnam’s leading technology training centers. Within a year of being established, the company launched its own software development team utilizing the most talented developers in the country.

The company quickly realized that underlying Vietnam’s explosive growth was a gap between the country’s business technology infrastructure and its burgeoning industries. Enterprise solutions on the market were failing to achieve stated business process goals, leaving many Vietnamese enterprises with incomplete or unworkable enterprise software. Even to this day, global enterprise solutions providers lack a core understanding of Vietnam’s complex business infrastructure and practices, preventing effective resolution of some very fundamental business needs.

Research & Development: Enterprise Technology

In 2003, Worldsoft began what was to be one of the most extensive Research & Development initiatives into enterprise and business application software development in the region.

Due to its devotion to R&D in enterprise technology and emerging markets industry for more than 6 years, Worldsoft is now one of the region’s leading providers of effective enterprise, B2B, e-commerce, and business process solutions spanning more than 15 industries. Worldsoft has won numerous awards for its innovative products and solutions, and has even been contracted by regional governments to assist and develop e-government initiatives.

Intellectual Property,Patents & Licenses

Worldsoft currently holds a lot of software patents, allowing the company unique proprietary intellectual property and licensing rights for its innovative products: