Mr. Nguyen Ai Huu spoke at the seminar "Security solutions in the banking system and e-commerce".


With the consent of the State Bank of Vietnam and the Department of Information and Communications of Ho Chi Minh City, Worldsoft Group today held a seminar on "security solutions in the banking system and e-commerce". On behalf of Worldsoft Corporation, I would like to express my gratitude and good health to the delegates who arranged your valuable time to attend the seminar today.

Worldsoft Corporation was established in October 2002, with its initial activity as a high-tech training center. In 2003, Worldsoft began its plan to build a comprehensive research and development roadmap for application software systems for agencies, governments and domestic and foreign businesses. And now, Worldsoft has been a very successful and prestigious company in Vietnam and World market for software production.

As we know, IT development is coupled with the development of IT human resources. However, Vietnam currently lacks a large number of high-tech engineers. Facing this situation, Worldsoft has been involved in the field of human resource training, specifically on June 25, 2009 Thua Thien Hue Provincial People's Committee has issued a unified letter to the Worldsoft Group to establish a university. Worldsoft International University in Ho Chi Minh City Huế.

Currently, the online banking system has become very popular and popular. Worldwide, more than 40 million people use this system and the number of users continues to increase every day. Building an online banking system is essential, but it is important that the system is secured in the safest way. Criminals in the virtual world that we often call hackers also suddenly increased rapidly due to the expansion of network and network users, so in the fight against hackers, new methods and algorithms must be used. more complicated and used in a more systematic way.

In Vietnam, cyberspace has gradually become a miniature real society, full of complex components and information security risks. According to the report of the Department of Information Technology and Technology, General Department of Technology, Ministry of Public Security (E15), Vietnam has many serious security holes, the number of computers infected with viruses in 2008 nearly 60 million times, The number of websites attacked by hackers was 461, of which 251 were carried out by foreign hackers. According to BKIS (Network Security Center) compared to 2007, the number of new virus strains increased 5 times; Every month several dozen websites of Vietnam are attacked by hackers. Also according to E15, in 2008, Vietnam had more than 40 high-tech crime cases (CNC) causing 30 trillion dong (10 times higher than 2007).

The cause of this situation is the low awareness of information security and the implementation and investment of security and security strategies are not effective. According to a survey by VNCERT center (Vietnam Computer Emergency Response Center), based on the safety standards of professional organizations on international security and security for enterprises, 40% of Vietnamese enterprises Without a firewall system, 70% of businesses do not have information security troubleshooting processes, 85% of businesses do not have information security policies.

Prior to these developments, We, as well as experts, have had many years of research in the security field, hoping that in this workshop will provide the most optimal solutions to help you get the comments. The most useful way to help banks, credit organizations and especially customers feel more secure when making transactions.

In particular, in this seminar, I would like to ask you to prepare a lot of questions and send them to the special organizers, which are 2 main speakers in this seminar.

Prof. Dr. Hoa Tran is the only Vietnamese in five people worldwide who are saving the most complex security issues that are quantum security.

Mr. Michael De lu lio has over 20 years of practical experience in building security systems in banks and he has been involved in designing and installing air traffic management systems on 180 national airports. numb worldwide.

Once again, I wish you good health and success!

Wish the workshop a great success.

Thank you very much!

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